National Toxics Network congratulates Mariann on receiving the award for ‘UN Gender Pioneer for Future Detoxified’. It is so well deserved. She is a tireless campaigner for a toxic-free future. Here’s the statement she made on receiving the award in Geneva May 3, 2017:

‘Throughout my life I have been committed to standing with and empowering vulnerable communities to defend themselves against big polluting industries and the governments that support them. After this last week, I believe we need this more than ever. Here in Geneva, we have seen some countries demand unjustified exemptions to continue to use very toxic, persistent and transboundary POPs, some for decades to come, without even the need for labelling and/or right to know. In effect, this COP has failed to ensure a ‘Detoxified Future.’ It is clearly apparent now that vulnerable communities; women, families, workers, cannot depend on the governments of the world to protect their health and human rights from the harm caused by toxic chemicals. So the pressure is now even greater for civil society to fight for a Toxic Free Future, to hold the polluting corporations and complicit government accountable and, most importantly, prevent the poisoning of our children and our future. This award hopefully will give many of us even more impetus to continue that fight.’