The IPEN General Assembly elected National Toxics Network’s Dr. Mariann Lloyd-Smith to replace Prof. Jamidu Katima on the IPEN Executive Committee on a mandate until May 2023.

Dr Lloyd-Smith has campaigned in the area of chemicals policy and hazardous waste management for more than three decades, working NGOs, indigenous groups, national governments, UNEP, and OECD.

Dr Lloyd-Smith has PhD from Law Faculty, UTS Australia, and is the Senior Advisor of the IPEN PO National Toxics Network in Australia.

Dr Lloyd-Smith participated in the technical working groups for Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants and focuses on PFAS chemicals. Dr Lloyd-Smith was a member of the UN Expert Group on Climate Change and Persistent Organic Pollutants, and an advisor to OECD for their Fracking Summit.

Dr Lloyd-Smith served at IPEN Co-Chair from 2006-2011 and has since remained active in IPEN, most recently co-authoring IPEN’s report on ocean pollutants.

The overview of the IPEN Executive Committee can be found here:

The regular 2021 IPEN General Assembly will be held in late May / early June.